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New Year's Resolutions and The Importance of Financial Records

It's that time of year again when you've started out with good intentions and a list of resolutions - but how many have you stuck to so far?
When it comes to business resolutions I admit I might be (slightly) biased. Keeping on top of your paperwork and maintaining a good quality record of your financial transactions though, is vital to a smooth running business. It's one of those tasks that we love to hate and easy to put on the back burner whilst getting more pressing jobs done.

Before letting your bookkeeping fall by the wayside again, think back to the stress of those quarterly VAT returns and the recent annual self assessment tax return.

The benefits of having up to date, good quality records of your financial transactions are endless...
  • Stress free tax returns
  • Up to date KPIs to inform your business decisions
  • Spot potential issues more easily, such as cash flow difficulties and put corrective measures in place early
  • Easily identify trends like sales by product - enabling you to better supply the market
  • Up to date management accounts boosts investors' and lenders' confidence in you and your business
  • Up to date running costs highlight where you could budget more effectively
  • Informed financial forecasting of consumer demand & potential sales
Keeping your books up to date will put you back in control of your finances. You'll have a much greater insight into what is happening with your business than an occasional look at your bank balance and relying on year-end reports.

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